11 Fun Places For Birthday Parties In Houston (2023)

11 Fun Places For Birthday Parties In Houston (1)

Houston, TX, is a captivating city to raise a family. There's plenty of sunshine, no income tax,excellent schools,and a low cost of living. Along with those benefits come a diverse culture full of art, sports, and job opportunities. It's no wonder all of these opportunities exist inside Houston. It is the fourth-largest city in the United States! So, if you are looking for ideas to throw fun birthday parties in Houston, or even if you love to visit, you will find plenty of places to celebrate your child's birthday party in style.

Children love to celebrate their birthdays. Are there any other days of the year exclusively about them? Whether your child loves to celebrate big or prefers a quieter party, there are plenty of options in Houston if you are looking for fun birthday party ideas!

Fun Birthday Parties In Houston, TX

In Houston, you will find an array of fantastic places to throw a birthday party for your child. There are plenty of venues to choose from, including indoor go-karts, children's museums, and princess birthdays! Let's look at some fun places to throw birthday parties in Houston, TX, for kids.

11 Fun Places For Birthday Parties In Houston (2)

K1 Speed – Indoor Go-Karts, Corporate Event Venue, Team Building Activities

Does your child enjoy go-karting? Give them the gift of speed this birthday and book their party at the K1 Speed- Indoor Go-Karts in Houston. When you book their party here, you will receive a private room to celebrate for one hour and plenty of food and drink for your guests! Your child and their guests can participate in one 12-lap race and one 12-lap qualifying race. K1 Speed considers the safety of its guests first and foremost. You can rest assured that they have taken measures to ensure your child's safety when you book your child's party here. You will need to call for more information on pricing and bookings.

Website:Kids Birthday Parties | K1 Speed

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A jumping pillow, pedal cars, and a three-story playscape are just a few of the activities that make Wonderwild a superb place to throw your child's birthday party. In addition, they have many themed options for your child's next bash! Prices start at $420 and include party supplies. Of course, you also have the opportunity to add more time, balloons, and decorations.

Website:Best Places to Celebrate Kids Birthday Parties in Houston (gowonderwild.com)

Monkey Joe's – Westheimer

It's no secret children are full of energy! Monkey Joe's is a great place to jump off the extra energy they possess. Monkey Joe's will take care of the setup and clean up when you book your child's party here. You will receive a private party room for one and a half hours, and children have unlimited time to play! In addition, you will also receive napkins, plates, and invitations to send out. There are three party package options to choose from. The first package starts at $219 and includes drinks for the children. You can bring your birthday cake but only purchase food or beverages inside this venue. Monkey Joe's also has packages that include food. So, if you are looking for a place for your child to jump, run, and energetically celebrate with their friends, Monkey Joe's is the place to book!

Website:Westheimer – Monkey Joe's (monkeyjoes.com)

Giggles and Fun Indoor Playground

Giggles and Fun Indoor Playground allows children to climb, explore, and participate in imaginative play. Booking a birthday party here will give your children and their guests a space to explore and spend their energy while celebrating the birthday kid. Also, when you book your child's party here, you will receive two hours of party time with a private room for up to 12 children, not including the birthday child. Giggles and Fun will help with the setup and clean up, provide paper goods and silverware, and there is an option to purchase theme decorations! The Houston basic package starts at $325. If your child loves to play with their friends actively, Giggles and Fun is a fantastic indoor playground to book with!

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Website:Celebrate your Toddler's Birthday at Giggles & Fun, Katy TX (gigglesandfun.com)

11 Fun Places For Birthday Parties In Houston (3)

Pump It Up Sugar Land Kids Birthdays and More

In Sugar Land, right outside of Houston is Pump It Up. Pump It Up is home to inflatable bounce houses, obstacle courses, and an entertaining indoor playground. When your child has a birthday party here, they can access the playground, obstacle courses, and inflatables. Also, you can purchase add-ons, including glow necklaces, bubble bash, and more. You will have a private party area where your child will get to sit on their very own throne, making them feel like the royalty they are! Pump It Up handles clean up and set up, gives a supervisor to help you throughout the party, and more, making it easier for you to relax and enjoy celebrating your child's special day!

Website:Stafford Birthday Parties for Kids- Plan a Party at Pump It Up (pumpitupparty.com)

The Little Gym of Houston-Bellaire

Planning a birthday party can feel draining for parents. That's where the Little Gym comes in! When you book your child's birthday party at this gym, the instructors will oversee all activity planning, clean up, and set up. You can choose between the Awesome Birthday Bash or a themed Birthday Bash. With both packages, you will receive one and a half hours to celebrate your child, privacy, and paper goods. With a themed Birthday Bash, you will receive decorations, activities, and a gift for your child. A few themes The Little Gym has to choose from are princesses, superheroes, Llama Llama, and plenty more. The Little Gym is a fun place to celebrate your child growing another year older!

Website:Birthday Party Places for Kids in Houston | TLG (thelittlegym.com)

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Is your child adventurous? NinjAdventure is the perfect place to throw their birthday party, then! Obstacle courses, rock climbing, and a ninja course are just a few of the energetic activities your child and their friends can participate in during the party. There are three packages to choose from when you book at NinjAdventure. The first one starts at $499. Each package includes two hours to play and celebrate in the birthday room. Pizza, drinks, and balloons are also included. In addition, some packages include a balloon tower, ice cream, vegetable tray, and face painting. Your child's next birthday bash will rock when you book it at NinjAdventure!

Website:PARTY | mysite-1 (ninjadventures.com)

We Rock the Spectrum – Houston/Memorial

We Rock the Spectrum is dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment where all children can play. The indoor play space includes a rope bridge, carpet swing, hammock swing, trampolines, and zip line. When you book your child's birthday party here, the staff will work with you to create a party that fits your child's needs. The packages start at $375 and include two hours to celebrate privately with your child and guests. You can invite up to 15 children and add more for $10 each. Also, you can bring your decorations and food. The following package up is $550 and includes crafts and sensory bins. We Rock the Spectrum also has a special package called Rock Unique, specifically for children with special needs only. This facility is an excellent all-inclusive place to throw your child's next birthday bash!

Website:Kids Birthday Parties | We Rock The Spectrum Houston/Memorial, Texas (werockthespectrumhoustonmemorial.com)

Children's Museum Houston

Did you know that a Children's Museum can be a unique and immersive place to throw a child's birthday party? It's true! You can choose between two packages at the Children's Museum in Houston. The first one is the Simply Wonderful Birthday package which is excellent for children of all ages. Your child will have a private room to celebrate their birthday while also being able to explore the museum with their guests. In addition, you can bring your decorations, cake, and ice cream. For members, the price of this package is $375. For non-members, the price is $450.

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The next package is the Secret Agent Party package which is excellent for children ages 8 and up. Celebrate the ultimate spy way this birthday. Your child and their friends will transform into secret agents and use codes and clues to conquer the enemy. Receive everything in the first package and also spy gear for each child. This package is $425 for members and $500 for non-members.

Website:Birthday Parties at the Children's Museum Houston (cmhouston.org)

Kicky & Tink's Playhouse

Go on a jungle safari with your child at Kicky & Tink's Playhouse! Throwing a birthday party here is fun for all ages. You will gain private access to the venue, and your child will have their own throne and get to play on the inflatable bouncers and slides. You also have the option to add fun activities, including black lights, bubbles, a snowcone bar, and more! Call for package and add-on prices.

Website:>>> KICKY & TINKS PARTY BOUNCERS AND MORE <<< (bouncersr.us)

Fairest of All Parties

Bring the party to your child with the Fairest of All Parties company. Does your child have a favorite princess like Elsa or Snow White? Maybe they have a favorite character like Trolls, Olaf, or Batman. Fairest of All Parties creates memorable parties by bringing your child's favorite character to life. Choose from themed packages like a superhero, fairy, or mermaid. You can also choose from classic packages starting at $195. Your child and their guests will get to meet their favorite character, have a sing-along, play games, and listen to a story. Fortunately, each package is diverse. So, you will be able to find one your child will love with the collection of options available. So, bring the party to you and the superhero or princess with Fairest of All Parties!

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Website:PARTY PACKAGES | Fairest of All Parties | Houston, TX

11 Fun Places For Birthday Parties In Houston (4)

In Conclusion

Houston, TX, is a vibrant and thriving city to throw a birthday party for your child. Houston has plenty of options for your child to run off energy, such as Pump It Up and Monkey Joe's. In addition, there are unique birthday party options like K1 Indoor Speedway, the Children's Museum, and Fairest of All Birthday Parties. Children can choose to go big or small at any of these venues. Many of these places offer clean up, set up, and unique activities that will make your child's birthday party a blast and one to remember. This list provides creative and entertaining options for birthday parties in Houston. Whatever you decide to do for your child's birthday party this year, you will be able to find a terrific place to celebrate this year!


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