15 Emerging Trends in Information Technology for 2023 (2023)

15 Emerging Trends in Information Technology for 2023 (1)

Technology is ever-changing and those wanting to remain at the helm of innovation must adapt. The consumer journey is charting a new course as customers and companies alike embrace emerging technologies. As tech trends such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) become more pervasive, the world will look to brands who can deliver with accuracy and real-time efficiency.

What are the Emerging Trends in Technology?

To help meet the demands of a technology-enabled consumer base, solution providers must embrace digital transformation to realize their full potential. But, where to begin? These are the top 15 emerging technologies that businesses need to keep an eye on in 2023.


Artificial intelligence is poised as a tool of choice for businesses and solution providers. As is often seen with social media, AI, combined with machine learning, deep learning and neural networks, can be a powerful combination. Businesses can use AI to achieve cost-saving benefits, streamline business processes, improve the customer experience, enable more efficient communications through chatbots, increase customer satisfaction and provide insight into purchasing behavior to inform decision-making.

Additionally, machine learning can analyze large datasets and provide scaled insight. We are currently just scratching the surface of how machine learning and AI can work together to enable businesses. In fact, the global AI market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 36.2% to reach $407 billion by 2027. Current applications provide huge growth potential for solution providers who can fully understand the capabilities and functionality of AI to tailor solutions to meet business demands in the digital world.


Past discussions of blockchain often hinged on cryptocurrency, but the real power lies in the immutability and transparency of a blockchain. Blockchains use distributed ledger technology resulting in a fixed and highly visible record of activity with high potential for business applications.

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The blockchainis an information system that holds promise for supply chain management, enabling transparency into the journey of materials from origin to product. Blockchain technology will also allow for better record management, providing a snapshot of any record from its origination. This could be used to verify orders, purchases, returns, receipt of product—you name it.

Smart contracts are another blockchain application that ensures delivery of conditions. Smart contracts release data when both participants have met the criteria of an agreement. They offer endless capabilities for ensuring frameworks are carried out and therefore can help position you as a trusted solution provider.

Computer Vision

This field allows computers to derive meaning from visual input, and then take action or make decisions based on that data. Computer vision requires a huge amount of data to train algorithms to understand subtle differences and recognize different visual inputs.

There is significant business potential for computer vision prototypes, which could inspect products and processes as part of quality control to analyze for nearly imperceptible differences and imperfections. Business applications include using Google Translate to translate signage to a native language and making sense of traffic signs in self-driving cars.

Customer Data Platforms

If data is the new gold, then customer data platforms are the new banks. Businesses benefit from knowing as much about customers as possible so that they can hyper-personalize experiences and know how best to reach and engage prospects and customers. But often, knowledge is disparate, located across several systems or platforms with no single unifying source. Customer data platforms bring this information together into a single source to provide a comprehensive picture of consumers and eliminate the potential for unclean data.

Cybersecurity Mesh

Cybersecurity no longer operates as an addendum in the world of information technology. As companies made the move to remote working models during the pandemic, a few pressing issues came to light. Not only is cybersecurity an absolutely critical element of business operations, but traditional approaches are not flexible enough, or don't have the bandwidth, to accommodate for a large-scale remote workforce.

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Cybersecurity mesh is a completely different approach to digital security. Cybersecurity mesh allows companies to create security measures based on the identity of a device, rather than proximity to secure connections. It’s a distributed approach rather than defining a perimeter based on network reach. In addition, cybersecurity mesh also allows for easy scalability across a distributed workforce.

Digital Health

If COVID-19 left a legacy that will remain, it’s digital health. As patients became unable to visit doctor’s offices and hospitals, digital health rose to fill the gap. But now that hurting or sick individuals have realized there are opportunities for receiving appropriate healthcare from their providers without in-person visitation, they are taking advantage of that opportunity. This fad is certainly here to stay and in the coming years will likely give rise to associated new technologies that leverage innovations such as biometrics to produce smart or connected medical equipment that will enable continued distanced medical examinations.

Digital Twin

Almost anything is possible with the right coding, and now we can digitally copy a person. The virtual manifestation of a person is a real-time representation of what takes place in the human body. Digital twins are very useful for helping us to predict outcomes and measure performance. There are multiple business and healthcare applications that allow us to perform testing and apply data analytics that was previously difficult and time consuming to realize with living subjects. Advancements such as genome mapping and gene therapy could become more viable in the near future. Additionally, digital twin technologycould finally eliminate the need for clinical trials in humans as we work to mange future medical challenges.

Edge Computing

Edge computing is a decentralized model which places computing nodes closer to the source of interaction. Gartner defines edge computing as a model where “information processing and content collection and delivery are placed closer to the sources, repositories and consumers of this information.” This model optimizes technological interactions and reduces latency at the point of origin to enable more effective and real-time data consumption. Edge computing is quickly becoming the most efficient path for localized interactions.

IoB (Internet of Behaviors)

As the world becomes more digitized, informed business is the key to success and the internet of behaviors or IoB provides greater clarity into consumer behavior. For those companies wanting to keep a competitive advantage, the IoB is offering opportunities in the form of data collection and analysis regarding consumer interactions, preferences and purchasing behavior.

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Similar to the internet of things (IoT), IoB provides substantially greater insight into how consumers are participating in the purchasing journey, analyzing data collected from IoT and online sources with a psychological perspective. Ultimately, this technology is designed to help businesses improve the user experience and engage with consumers in a more meaningful way.

Low-code Technology

Low-code technology is bringing software development to those without a high level of technical knowledge. Traditional software development is a long, arduous process, requiring a high level of programming knowledge and a significant time investment. With low-code technology, software can be developed with a drag-and-drop interface and no extensive backend coding. This allows business users to solve a variety of specific challenges without needing to engage a highly technical resource.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing offers unique opportunities for predictive analysis that extend beyond the capacity of conventional computing. Quantum computers leverage the principles of superposition and entanglement to process information on an exponential scale. While Google came on the scene in 2017 with a promise of the largest quantum computer, IBM has actually made it possible for businesses to leverage this technology.

Quantum computing offers businesses a powerful tool for predictive analytics and big data analytics. As we encounter new problems, quantum computing will help predict viable solutions.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic process automation is a term that is gaining ground recently. The name is something of a misnomer however, as there are no physical robots involved in these tasks. RPA involves automation of tasks using bots that previously required human labor and follow a repetitive pattern to accomplish more of these computer-based tasks with enhanced efficiency. Many businesses are embracing RPA to help achieve more efficient workflows for rule-based tasks.

Spatial Computing

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Spatial computing is often what we see when we look at futuristic movies. Rather than interacting with a static computer that sits on your desk, we are now engaging with computing as we move throughout our daily lives. Spatial computing involves virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), but goes well beyond those categories. Spatial computing involves interacting with digital elements in an intertwined fashion with the real world. Think of smart homes, speaking commands to achieve real-world goals or using smart glasses as you move throughout the world, using digital resources and interfaces to inform real-world experiences.

Total Experience

These days, emerging technology is all about tying everything together. That’s exactly what total experience seeks to do. Total experience involves a unified experience for all people engaging with a business, from the employee down to the customer. It involves using technology to create an exceptional experience for all people interacting with your company to create high-quality experience for everyone simultaneously.

5G in Everyday Life

The connectivity speeds accomplished with 5G greatly outpace those seen with previous networks. 5G networks offer the supporting foundation that businesses can leverage to embrace many upcoming disruptive technologies. But in recent times, 5G technology hasn’t gained the momentum that was anticipated. It’s projected that infrastructure will finally reach a viable point and devices will become affordable enough so we can actually leverage the power of 5G.

Information Technology Trends

There was a time when cloud computing, app development, data centers and even eCommerce were considered emerging technologies. Now, as we look toward the age of the metaverse, looking at new top technology trends is reaching a state of necessity. Business models must innovate if they want to continue reaching new heights in the coming years. Which IT industry trend will make the most impact on your business?

Check out the CompTIA IT Industry Outlook 2023to learn more about technology and business trends in the coming year.

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15 Emerging Trends in Information Technology for 2023? ›

New Technology Trends 2023 :

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Edge Computing. Quantum Computing.

What are the new emerging technologies in 2023? ›

New Technology Trends 2023 :

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Edge Computing. Quantum Computing.

What are the main trends for 2023? ›

Look to this shoppable spring 2023 trend guide for an inside look at what our editors are shopping now and most excited about.
  • Skirt Suits But Make it Fashion. ...
  • Everyday Preciousness. ...
  • Extra Baggage. ...
  • Perfectly Imperfect. ...
  • Short n Sweet Jackets. ...
  • Buttoned Up Shirting. ...
  • Modern Boho. ...
  • Blazers Become Cinched.
Apr 5, 2023

What are 5 emerging or current trends in information technology? ›

What are the emerging trends in information technology? In addition to the mentioned tech trends, computing power, big data analytics, extended reality, digital trust, new energy solutions, 5G, and sustainable tech are among the emerging technologies that will give you a competitive advantage.

What are 3 emerging trends in technology? ›

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for development. IoT technologies, infrastructure and applications (smart societies) Blockchain technologies, infrastructure and applications. 5G.

Which IT technology is most in demand in 2023? ›

Here Is The List of Top In-Demand IT Skills
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Data Science.
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • UI/UX Design.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • DevOps.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

What are consumers looking for in 2023? ›

Five Direct-To-Consumer Trends To Look For In 2023
  • Livestream shopping will continue to grow. Gone are the days of written reviews. ...
  • It's time to prioritize social commerce. ...
  • Brands need supply chain resilience. ...
  • Sustainability is the key ingredient. ...
  • Storefronts are gaining popularity.
Jan 18, 2023

What will 2023 bring me? ›

Your understanding of things will grow up this year. There will be a need to maintain patience at the beginning of the year. After the middle of June, better conditions will be created. The year 2023 is a year for you to move forward with understanding, balance, and caution.

What are 5 examples of emerging technologies? ›

In this article, we will discuss the top five emerging technologies for 2023 and their use cases: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML); Blockchain and Web3 technology; Intelligent automation and robotic process automation (RPA);

What is emerging trends in it? ›

Trend #1: Artificial Intelligence

These new technologies allow machines and software to think and act independently, which means they can respond and adapt to recognizable patterns in real time.

What is the new technology in computer science 2023? ›

Among basic technology trends of 2023, one should list Accelerated Digital Transformation, Ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. It is worth mentioning that those factors affect each other – increasing relevance of digitalisation causes rapid AI development.

What are the 6 categories emerging technology can be divided into? ›

Construction • Transportation • Energy/Power • Communication • Manufacturing • Bio-Related • Name some technologies and let's put them in the right category. Can you identify any jobs in these different categories?

What is the best IT skill to learn 2023? ›

A guide about best IT skills to learn in 2023
  1. Basic programming. Programming basics is a frequent in-demand skill even among non-tech jobs. ...
  2. Low-code platforms. ...
  3. UI/UX design. ...
  4. Data engineering. ...
  5. Data visualization. ...
  6. Video editing. ...
  7. CRMs. ...
  8. Product management.
Mar 11, 2023

Which technology is best in 2025? ›

5 Major Technology Trends to Prepare for by 2025
  • Automation at scale. The concept of “hyper-automation” has gained increasing attention in recent years. ...
  • New Standards for AI Investments. ...
  • The Rise of Distributed Cloud Environments. ...
  • The Extended Edge. ...
  • Innovative CX Strategies Evolve.
Jan 2, 2023

What are the top future trends in technology by 2030? ›

Artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) are among the key technologies that will underpin the delivery of education in 2030.

What are the consumer trends for 2023 and 2024? ›

The large economic forces make for a positive consumer spending outlook for 2023, though one looking less rosy as the year moves on. By 2024, however, consumers will have less money to spend from current earnings and no excess savings left over, so expect a harsh downturn in discretionary expenditures.

What are the top economic trends for 2023? ›

These include high inflation, tightening monetary policy and higher interest rates, slowing US and global economic growth, and geopolitical turmoil. Looking ahead, how these factors evolve will be critical to the 2023 outlook. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

What retail trend is predicted for 2023? ›

Economic outlook for the retail industry

Three key economic trends will likely influence retail sales: A slowing economy will keep retail sales growth in check. In our baseline scenario (55% probability), we forecast GDP growth to slow to 0.9% in 2023 from an estimated 2% in 2022 and 5.9% in 2021.

What is the tiger horoscope 2023? ›

According to the Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2023, this year will bring abundance, good luck, and power in the lives of the Tiger natives. This year will be better than the previous year for you as things will workout for the better. You will be happy to see the direction your life will take this year.

What is the lucky color for 2023? ›

Forest green is the lucky color for 2023, a color that can represent both – earth and water. But as we discovered, everything is based on the balance in Feng Shui, which is why other colors can help complement the lucky color of 2023.

What is the Leo prediction for 2023? ›

The Leo horoscope 2023 advises couples to take a vacation and spend some time alone in the second quarter, as doing so will help them re-bond. Doing so will bring sudden relief from arguments and challenges in married life too. If single, relying on luck to find love in 2023 won't do much good.

What are the 8 emerging technologies? ›

We called those with the most potential the Essential Eight. They include: artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), blockchain, drones, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, 3D printing and virtual reality (VR).

What are the 5 technologies that will change the future? ›

AI and machine learning are the foundation on which many other technologies are built. For instance, without AI, we wouldn't have achieved the amazing advances in the Internet of Things, virtual reality, chatbots, facial recognition, robotics, automation, or self-driving cars, just to name a few.

What is next big technology? ›

Augmented Reality

Look at the current trends and we can foresee the future of technology becoming increasingly interconnected and automated. The next big thing in technology is leaning toward augmented reality, as this technology will enable people to view and interact with the physical world in completely new ways.

Which technology is booming now? ›

DevOps is the best new tech right now. If you are interested in a career in DevOps, there are many online DevOps courses available. These can help you get up to speed on the latest DevOps trends and technologies. DevOps refers to techniques used for automating and enhancing the software development process.

What are the emerging technologies in IT infrastructure? ›

Owing to the ease, speed and efficiency that new and emerging technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and edge computing can offer, they have been growing in popularity. Such technologies have been simplifying operations in the new normal.

Which technology is most in demand? ›

Here is the list of the most in-demand and trending tech skills that will offer you a successful career:
  • Data Science.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • DevOps.
  • Blockchain.
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Cybersecurity.
May 22, 2023

What are the 4 mind boggling technology advances in store for 2023? ›

They include: 1) artificial intelligence, 2) computing technologies, 3) robotics, and 4) materials science.

What kinds of computer technology are coming next? ›

10 emerging technologies in computer science that will shape the...
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning. ...
  • Quantum computing. ...
  • Blockchain technology. ...
  • Internet of Things (IoT) ...
  • Biometrics. ...
  • 5G networks. ...
  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) ...
  • Edge computing.
Feb 16, 2023

What are the five 5 characteristics of emerging technology? ›

The resulting definition identifies five attributes that feature in the emergence of novel technologies. These are: (i) radical novelty, (ii) relatively fast growth, (iii) coherence, (iv) prominent impact, and (v) uncertainty and ambiguity.

What are the 7 content areas of technology? ›

The content areas include medical technologies, agriculture and biotechnologies, energy and power technologies, communication and information technologies, transportation technologies, manufacturing technologies, and construction technologies.

What will be the new technology in 2050? ›

According to Forbes, by 2050, IoT technology will be in 95% of electronics for new product designs. And by 2050 it is expected to have everything connected to the cloud and to the internet. According to Business Insider, Space tourism could be feasible in 2050, but likely only for the very wealthy.

What are six technologies with potential impacts on US interests out to 2025? ›

Disruptive Civil Technologies: Six Technologies with Potential Impacts on US Interests Out to 2025 : Biogerontechnology, Energy Storage Materials, Biofuels and Bio-based Chemicals, Clean Coal Technologies, Service Robotics, the Internet of Things.

What technology will we have in 2040? ›

By 2040, each person with access to a virtual and augmented reality device could have access to a digital virtual assistant. By this point, language models similar to GPT-3 are exponentially more advanced and virtual assistants could be built on these language model platforms.

What type of design trends you re expecting in 2023? ›

In 2023 we will likely see even more graphic designs that take inspiration in part from the school of design — clean shapes, geometric compositions, and bright primary color palettes. Another reason that geometric shapes are trending: They are the first we learn as children and are associated with approachability.

What will be the color of 2023? ›

The Pantone Color Institute named Viva Magenta as its official color of the year for 2023 for its joyous yet powerful nature. A red with subtle notes of purple, magenta flawlessly complements many different color palettes from those on the richer, jewel-tone side of the spectrum to even a lighter, earthy palette.

What is the fastest growing retailer in 2023? ›

Amazon will once again hold first place by a wide margin in 2023, with 37.6% of US retail ecommerce sales compared with the 6.4% of No. 2 Walmart Inc.

What is the projected ecommerce growth for 2023? ›

In 2023, we can expect to see continued growth in social commerce, personalization, AR/VR, subscription services, and sustainable and ethical shopping practices. Retailers who stay ahead of these trends and provide exceptional customer experiences will be well-positioned for success in the years to come.

What are the macro consumer trends in 2023? ›

In 2023, consumers will seek transparency in products, packaging, transportation, and ingredients alongside a growing interest in sustainability.

What are the graphic color trends for 2023? ›

Digital Lavender, Luscious Red, Sundial, Tranquil Blue and Verdigris are the color names for 2023. Who chooses the names of the new colors? Names are selected by the WGSN and Coloro color team, before being verified by our in-house Equality Vision Team to ensure a proper translation on a global scale.

What are the social media aesthetic trends for 2023? ›

If any trend on the list is a surefire bet for 2023, it's futuristic, a space-age style that references the heavens. According to Pinterest, searches for dystopian outfits, futuristic glasses, and cyber streetwear are up.

What is the branding style in 2023? ›

In 2023, brands are opting for simple elements that pack a punch in order to get their message across. This branding trend rose from the need for simplicity and structure, but without sacrificing creativity. It's a modern look and suits up-and-coming brands that offer a unique product or service.

Is grey out of style 2023? ›

Is white and gray out of style? Experts agree that this color pairing will no longer dominate trends in 2023. It's hard to believe we could ever see the total end of gray and white – the two (seemingly timeless) tones that have been at the forefront of our decorating agendas for decades.

What color is replacing gray? ›

What color is replacing gray? Cool toned grays have been replaced with warmer toned greige, beige, taupe, cream, and brown tones as the most popular neutral options.

What color trend will happen in 2023 2024? ›

Overall, the chromatic trend for Autumn-Winter 2023/2024 presents great comebacks and confirmations, with a palette that ranges from red to gray, yellow to brown, and pink. Even the most delicate and subtle shades will have their space, inviting experimentation and rediscovery of classic nuances in an original key.


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