July 23 Zodiac (Leo) Horoscope & Info (2023)

The July 23 birthday falls under the first decan of Leo. The Sun rules this sign, giving Leo a bright, cheerful, creative personality.

People born on the July 23 zodiac cusp are loving and generous. They have many admirers.

The July 23 zodiac is confident and sees the best in others. They are optimistic and believe their talents can lead them to success. Leo is a natural leader as well.

People born on July 23 have cheerful dispositions and help uplift others. They take pride in their individuality and often flaunt their talents.

The July 23 zodiac personality has many creative talents. They are artistic and musically talented; Leo is loving and attentive. They believe in helping others fulfill their mission.

July 23 Info

DateJuly 23
SignLeo ♌︎
StrengthsCreative, Loyal, Independent
WeaknessesJealous, Grandiose, Attention-seeking
Opposite signAquarius ♒︎
Best matchAries, Libra, Aquarius
Worst matchVirgo, Capricorn, Taurus
Tarot birth cardsThe Empress, The Hanged Man
Angel number3
Spirit animalsMonkey, Peacock, Shark

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People born on July 23 are energetic. Their enthusiasm helps them succeed regardless of obstacles. Leo people born on July 23 are endearing and easily make friends.

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They thrive on attention and need respect and admiration. Leo can be grandiose at times. People born on July 23 are passionate and dynamic. They have a great sense of humor and love entertaining people.

Leo can be one of the most theatrical signs. They are notorious for being dramatic, which makes them amusing but also can lead them to exaggerate.

July 23 Leo personality has a regal personality. They walk with their heads high and know how to command attention. They are diplomatic and easily influence others.


July 23 zodiac sign personality is on a unique mission. They are here to help others find their strengths and unique talents. Leo’s purpose is to empower others and lead with confidence.

Leo takes charge, drawing on their penchant for leadership, but they don’t use their leadership strengths for personal gain. They intend to help others overcome obstacles and live up to their potential.

July zodiac signs serve their purpose by encouraging others to become more assertive, creative, and confident. Helping others believe in themselves is part of Leo’s mission.

Leo born on July 23 is attracted to entertaining, teaching, entrepreneurship, and coaching careers. They help cheer others on and guide others to reach their potential.

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Positive Traits

July 23 Leos have many positive traits. They are courageous and confident. People born on July 23 are assertive and express their individuality easily.

They are artistic and can have many musical talents. The horoscope for Leo July 23 is athletic and strong, physically and emotionally. They are optimistic and idealistic.

July 23 Leos are generous, affectionate, and caring. They can be devoted and loyal. Leo is protective over their friends and can be intense and dynamic; they are great advocates for their loved ones.

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Negative Traits

People born on July 23 have some personality traits to work on, but they often don’t see their flaws. They can be egotistical, and their pride stops them from seeing how they could improve.

Leo is also demanding. They need a lot of attention and can be overwhelming in relationships. Though independent, they need constant praise and reassurance.

Leo people born on July 23 can also be jealous and possessive. They are usually in a good mood but can lose control and lash out when provoked. Leo can seem labile and dramatic.


July 23 zodiac sign compatibility is highest with Aries, Libra, and Aquarius. They need excitement and stimulation in relationships; their best match is a fellow fire sign and intellectual air signs.

Leos born on July 23 need to remain in control of relationships. They may clash with others who have strong personalities, but they are an ideal match for Aries. Aries is intense, focused, and optimistic.

Leo and Aries bring excitement and passion to their relationship. They must be mindful never to compete with each other. They need to work toward a shared mission, or they can become jealous of each other’s successes.

July 23 Leos are also a perfect romantic match for Aquarius. Aquarius and Leo are opposites on the zodiac wheel. They bring out the best in each other and can challenge each other to overcome their flaws.

Rebellious Aquarius brings insight and creativity to the relationship, and Leo helps Aquarius find focus and confidence to succeed. They are a dynamic, exciting couple.

July 23 Leo is an ideal romantic match for Libra. Libra is romantic, artistic, and idealistic. Leo is creative, passionate, and protective.

Leo helps Libra feel reassured so this indecisive sign can follow through on their commitments.

Libra softens some of Leo’s rough edges and can tame their wild nature to some degree. They are a perfect couple, bringing out the best in each other through their relationship.

Leos are great at maintaining friendships with every sign, but they are not an ideal romantic match for everybody. Their lowest compatibility is with the signs of Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus.

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Leo and Virgo are neighbors on the zodiac wheel but are not compatible in romance. Leo is bold and expressive, and Virgo is reserved and cautious. Virgo is a perfectionist, and Leo is spontaneous.

Leo and Taurus repel each other. They want many of the same things; romance, respect, and wealth. Their styles are too different to sustain a relationship; Taurus is practical and dependable; Leo is impulsive and instinctual.

July 23 Leos have no common ground with Capricorn. Capricorn is hard-working, traditional, and methodical. Leo sees Capricorn’s personality as too bland and uninspiring; Capricorn sees Leo as careless and irresponsible.


July 23 Leos are bold and assertive. They express their ideas and opinions and assume others should agree with them. Leos aren’t the best listeners, especially if trying to be subtle.

You can’t drop hints and expect Leo to understand. You must make your point clearly and dramatically for Leo to grasp your meaning. They are not good at picking up on nuances.

Yet July 23 Leos are good at communicating. They are optimistic and help you believe in yourself. They are sincere, authentic, and honest.

You never have to worry about Leo having a hidden agenda. They show their nature openly and wear their heart on their sleeves. Leo can be direct and may exaggerate when they want to make a point.


July 23 Leos are attractive. They have a flair for fashion and want to show their unique personality and authentic interests through their style. They can be image conscious and always look their best.

Leo is attracted to people who are colorful, intense, inspiring, and courageous. You can attract Leo if you are true to yourself and flaunt your best attributes.

Leo is attracted to people who are generous, fun-loving, and inspiring. People born on July 23 are attracted to wealthy people and people who can help elevate their social status.


July 23 Leo loves dating. They are seldom in a hurry to settle down. They love dates to loud, chaotic, popular venues. They can feel energized by dates to busy restaurants and clubs.

Leo enjoys dancing, theater, and concerts. They enjoy dates to romantic movies as well but need excitement and drama, so avoid dates that are too bland or quiet.

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July 23 Leos thrive on being around crowds. Dates to parties, galas, festivals, and fundraisers. Avoid intimate dates early in your relationship with a Leo. They prefer being in crowded, vibrant settings.

Impress a July 23 Leo with an interactive date that enables them to show off their talents. Paint and sip, craft workshops, open mic, or other participatory events are ideal for Leo who doesn’t want to be a spectator.


People born on July 23 often fall in love fast. They are moved by passion and emotion and know instinctively what they want in a partner. Leo doesn’t always know how to describe their ideal partner.

Yet when someone captures their heart, Leo knows in an instant. Their love defies logic and planning. They fall in love fast and try to protect themselves from losing control in love.

But they can’t keep their love hidden for long. When in love, Leo shows their admiration openly. They court you in bold, assertive ways. They may even seem obsessed with you.

The July 23 love horoscope can date for fun, but all flirtation stops when Leo recognizes their ideal partner. They zero in on their love interest and stop at nothing to win over the heart of the person they love.


People born on July 23 only rush into relationships when they are in love. When they are certain about you, they throw caution to the wind. Leo is eager to define the relationship and avoid losing you.

They are devoted and loyal in relationships. They never stop courting you. Leo gives you elaborate gifts. They write poetry for you and may write songs dedicated to you.

Leo can shower you with compliments and other signs of devotion. July 23 Leos are affectionate, protective, and admired when they are in relationships with you.


July 23 Leos are eager to marry once they decide you’re the one. They never hesitate to go from a serious relationship to marriage. They love elaborate weddings and spare no expense.

Leo born on July 23 can be a devoted spouse. They are faithful and loyal in marriage as long as you satisfy their need for attention and admiration. Leo needs the romance to continue throughout the marriage.

They must be continually admired and receive plenty of sexual attention to remain happy in marriage. Leo can be protective, creative, and endearing in marriage. They are proud of their homes and families.

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July 23 Leos have high sex drives and are affectionate, passionate, and intense in the bedroom. They view sexual encounters as an extension of your admiration for them.

Leo views a lack of sexual interest as a personal rejection and sexual arousal as a sign of personal love and admiration. Their egos are particularly fragile regarding sexual encounters.

Leos born on July 23 can be adventurous in the bedroom. They are spontaneous and creative. They love role-playing but prefer being dominant in bed. Leo has kinky desires and is open to exploring new things in bed.


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